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Brazil's Mobile Infrastructure and App Economy was the real winner in the FIFA World Cup

#WorldCup Not All Bad News for Brazil, Good News for Mobile App Economy

It is official. Football, Soccer, or Futbol – whatever you call it – really is the world’s favorite sport. Estimated at 3.5 billion, the number of football fans equates to half the world’s population. Brazil literally hosted the world this year and what amazing hosts they were! #ThankyouBrazil This month, over 600,000 tourists descended upon [...]

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10 Essential Summer Apps

How can you use your mobile device to ensure that your summer is fun-filled, sun-filled, and hassle-free?

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Should You Connect Your App To The Cloud?

“The cloud:” this emerging tech entity, which could potentially enable unlimited online sharing and navigation, is still somewhat of a mystery to many developers.

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Should You Invest In Automated App Marketing?

When you’re busy developing an app, you don’t always have time to work out the optimal marketing strategy but the big question is – how do you get your app in front of paying customers?

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How To Track Your App Sales

Tracking your app’s usage and sales is key to improving its design and your marketing strategy.  Third party tools can help you gather and analyze the data you need to refine your app

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