Publishing Your iPhone App: Not Simple, Made Simple


The most common questions we get from our users are about the iPhone app publishing process. Sometimes itís a straightforward question about a certain step they donít understand. Other times, itís an error message thatís triggered by something in their Apple Developer Account not adding up. Whatever the case may be, we hear you. Weíve been there too! Which is exactly why weíve simplified the process as much as possible.

But, wait a minuteóhow can we say something is complicated and simplified in the same breath?

Because itís all relative. The provisioning process can feel complicated because itís, well, a complicated thing. And itís meant for developers who know their way around an appóand Objective-C, which is no cake walk. After all, Apple isnít known for making things easy (from the inside). It only takes one look at their App Store Review Guidelines to see that!

That said, weíve taken a process that was previously impossible for people with little or no coding knowledge and made it possible. Not only possible, but able to be done in less than 5 minutes. And, sure, it can sometimes take a few tries before youíre popping out iPhone apps like an AppMakr PEZ dispenser. But to put it in perspective, even if you hit a snag (like forgetting to use Safariódíoh! seriously, that one gets us too) and find yourself taking a little longer, youíre actually doing this†(check it out to see what's really going on behind the scenes).†And you donít even have an engineering degree. Pat, meet back.

We believe in apps for everyone, and while weíve managed to take a really, really complex process and wrapped it up into a neat little (coding free!) package, we get that you can still have a ďwhere do I upload what?Ē moment. Which is why weíve stocked with tons of useful articles, which are ripe for the picking. And donít be shy about posting your on questions, too! The community is full of savvy fellow AppMakrs who are happy to help.

Havenít tried it out yet? Start building an app today! Youíll be an app PEZ dispenser in no time. ;)

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  1. iphoneappcreator says

    I really enjoyed reading this…being an app developer has its challenges but its all up to the developer to decide whether or not they will take the easy or the hard road to get their app completed…

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  3. says

    I have an I phone and have found this web site very much useful in knowing more about my phone. I understood many new things about publishing the I phone applications. Keep up the good work guys. Thank you.

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